Indy 500 2020 Live Stream Predictions and Preview

Indy 500
Indy 500

Well, what a weekend it was. Indianapolis motor speedway for. Qualifying both Saturday for regular. Qualifying and Sunday for the fast nine. Shootout. hi, folks lee Diffie with you along with. The driver will start on the second. The row of the grid for the 104th running of. The Indianapolis 500 live stream online. In the genesis honda for Andretti auto.

Indianapolis motor speedway

Sports games Hinchcliffe. hench first up uh let’s. Congratulate you. On a terrific campaign so far not just. Yesterday not just Sunday. But through your practice. speeds were good uh the. the virtually the entire Andretti squad. Were good but you performed particularly. Well, I imagine. Uh that you’re pretty pleased yeah. lee thanks for that it’s been. Uh, it’s been a fun week you know we’ve. had uh. A few stressful years at the speedway. But it’s nice to kind of roll-up. with Andretti otto sport who’s. always done such a tremendous.

Indy 500 More Discussion Predictions and Preview

The job there especially over the last. the decade you know it’s one of the uh ones. of the best records at the speedway and. Even when you are the kind of extra care. the bonus Jonas as I like to call it. You know they still manage to uh to get. everything sorted and put another good. ride. uh on the track so for us it’s been a. Fairly smooth weekend if anything. Sunday was probably the roughest day. That we had and if that’s the roughest. The day we have to deal with. that’s pretty promising. The campaign so as many people know uh. Drivers don’t like to talk about others. drivers but you’ve already got one foot. Over the other side of the fence because.

Indy 500 on the poll

You’re part of our family at NBC sports. now so. We do have to talk about other drivers. But this one is easy. It’s about your longtime friend and yours. Teammate Marco Andretti who created a. A special little bit of IndyCar history. yesterday by. Being the first Andretti in 33 years. Since his grandfather Mario to start the. Indy 500 on the poll. um, what was it like inside? the inner sanctum of Andretti autosport. When that occurred. You know what’s so cool I mean this.

Indianapolis 500 Very fundamentally a team sport

Is such a team sport as. As individual as it seems from the. outside you know at the end of the day. it is still very. Very fundamentally a team sport and i. Can tell you very. genuinely that everybody on that team. Was so thrilled for Marco and. and that goes for me and Ryan and. Everyone on. and Alex and everyone that was on the 28. 27 and 29 crews. That so desperately wanted to be you. know on the pole at least on the front. row themselves. if it couldn’t be one of us you know. you wanted to be a teammate. but then. above and beyond just knowing how.

Comes to the speedway

Special this place is to the Andretti family. Knowing all the stories of the Andretti. Curse and you know like you said I’ve. known Marco for a long time. And the pressure that he feels when. He comes to the speedway and the. the pressure that he puts on himself when he. Comes to the speedway. I mean it’s immense it’s unlike. Anything else and it’s been rough. a couple of years so he hasn’t had the best. Luck here the last. last few seasons so to come out he’s had. kind of a. like a quiet month I mean it’s all the. Andretti cars have been good. uh but you know for him to come out and. Lay down that really fast time on. Saturday to give him you know the last. Running spot on Sunday and to go out and. Get it done I mean after. After me Alex and Ryan went we were all.

IndyCar Challenging Game

A little nervous that you know after. the strong performance and ready. Autosport had all month it wasn’t. Going to be one of our cars on the pole. Uh, that run by Dixon was just incredible. But man he. He laid it out there and he hung it out. In very difficult conditions I can say. Lee that was probably the most. Challenging. Qualifying run I’ve ever done at the. Speedway just with the conditions. The way they were. the amount you had to work inside the car. and uh. It was a really special feeling inside. Inside the camp after. Marco took that one do you remember.

Won the Daytona 500

Those do you remember those uh old. Images of. dale Earnhardt senior when he finally. Won the Daytona 500. And came back down the pit lane and everyone. Is standing there all of the other teams. Are. High-fiving him as he’s coming back down. The lane wasn’t. As huge as that but that that was the. The first thing that came to my mind when we.

Were broadcasting the speedway

Were broadcasting on Sunday at the. speedway. Watch Indy 500 live stream online free. I don’t think of Indycar I’ve ever seen. that kind of emotion from. rival teams and rival drivers for Marco. You know there’s a huge amount of. Respect for Marco and for. The Andretti family at that place you. Know they have a pretty. Storied history there and. um, unfortunately, there’s more there’s. More bad luck stories than the other way. Around. and so and so when something does go. Well, I think everybody in the sport you. know appreciates seeing that and. We’re all fans of the sport we’re all. You know historians to uh to a certain. The extent of the sport and we know the. story. And so when Andretti does well at the. Speedway’s always going to be a popular thing and you know Marco we. went to dinner last night and. Uh, you celebrate a little bit, and you. know he was saying he was two. months old the last time and Andretti. started from paul the Indianapolis 500.

Talk about some other drivers

So. it’s been a stretch but uh I know he’s. Super excited and also. Super happy for brian Herta as well you. Know as a car owner there he’s had. uh. he’s had a pretty sporty run at the. speedway over the years and it’s nice too. Have a pole to the list. I think brian’s had an amazing run i. Think brian would like to have had the. run that he’s had as an owner. As a team owner and co-team owner as a. Driver but that aside. Let’s all celebrate the moment because. It’s going to be really special to say. That an Andretti is taking the green. From the pole position so let’s pivot. Here and let’s talk about some other. Drivers.

Indianapolis 500 great

I want to start with the rookies and you. where you were in there you were. competing against them. Uh hard uh I think I’m not the only one. I think a lot of people were blown away. By the speed and the bravery and the. precision. of Alex pillow and renews, Vk was you. Uh, 100 you know I think uh I think. obviously they both came in with. great teams and great cars. You know uh dale coin racing with the team. go dale coins had a tremendous track. a record I didn’t need the last few. seasons and. Everyone sort of thought by losing Craig. Hamson and mike cannon they might lose a. A little bit of that magic touch but. Clearly that was not the run. That he put in on Saturday to get into. the fast nine.

Early earlier this year the first round

And then his run on Sunday again I mean. this is a guy with probably less oval. Experience than anybody. That’s that stepped into one of those. rides in a long time and as you said. showing he’s fearless his. driving acumen is incredible. And I’m very happy for him and his first. 500 to be in the fast sign and very. happy for dale and that whole team as. well. and then vk the only Chevrolet powered. car. in the fast nine shootouts and I mean we. were saying on the broadcast um. you know we all remember those images of. texas where he started. Early earlier this year the first round. and we said look the kid crashed twice. it was a disastrous start. even team owner and teammate ed. carpenter just said he did things that i. told him not to do. and we said you know what if you give. him a mulligan forget about that. the way he’s conducted himself after. that I mean as a 19-year-old. I mean he’s driving well beyond his ears. I think no. and I think the rate of improvement is.

In an indy car in portland for that test

what’s so impressive as well I mean. the natural speed was never in question. I mean we saw that in indy lights car. we saw it from the first time he jumped. In an indy car in portland for that test. last year the speed. was absolutely there but it was raw it. was very young. and very I don’t wanna use it. the word immature but it was just it. was a young undeveloped sort of talent. and speed. and we saw that in texas we saw very. rookie mistakes both in practice and in. the race. but since then like you say the rate. that he’s improved the rate at which he. is learning. how to get through these long races and. how to put a full event together. is very very impressive and in a very. tight rookie field. he’s making a great case ed carpenter. racing again another team that’s always. been strong at the speedway especially.

honda weekend and qualifying

In qualifying trim. I mean it’s been a honda a. honda weekend and qualifying. uh for sure and I’m very happy about it. that for selfish reasons we’ve been on. another side of it for a few years so. it was. incredible job by everybody at honda and. to be the soul chevy to out. outduel his team owners a multiple. pulse sitter there. all of the Penske cars I mean that was. probably even. a more impressive run than the one. we saw from Alex Palo just because. everything was sort of stacked against. him. all right I know that we’ve only got you. for a limited period because of you. just happen to be racing in the greater. the spectacle of racing this coming weekend.

Smaller at 130 kph

I’ve got about this many questions to. ask you in this much time. are the Penske’s going to come back? everybody’s asking is the four Penske. cars going to be contenders on Sunday. I will say that in my experience. track and race trim I would say that. Simon page now is one of the strongest. cars in race trim. and then the chevy honda gap is the way. smaller at 130 kph the running map. for the race trim rather than qualifying. trim. so Simon pagina if you’re going to put. your money on one of the pancakes it’s. him. okay, a lot of talk about we don’t think. there’s going to be much passing in this. race the euro screen has made a big. difference. just to to the overall dynamic of things. yesterday in happy hour. was one of the most exhilarating hours. of the entire week of running you guys. were chopping each other up left-right. and center I mean it was great. is that a window into the race or that. was a falsity. 50 50.

Going to create situations kind

I think I think some of what you. see during that happy hour. are situations created by guys coming in. and out of the pits. off sequence different tire life um. guys trying to fall back in line so I’d. be lying if I said that I think that’s. going to be an exact copy of the race. that said. because it is kind of tough to pass i. think we’re going to see some desperate. moves and I think that those moves are. Going to create situations kind of. similar to that I think that the aero. arrow screen has made the cars maybe a. little more sensitive to the wind if the. conditions aren’t great we might see. some challenging conditions guys making. more mistakes that are going. to lead to passes so. I’m not going to say it’s going to be a. follow the leader’s boring race. tough passing is going to be tough it’s. going to be at a premium but I think we. can still put on a good show. and in closing.

Breaking news the thunderbirds

Breaking news the thunderbirds will do. the aerial display that’s good. but I have to ask you about Fernando. Alonso, I don’t think it’s gone. as well as Fernando would have hoped he. had that turn four crashes in the early. days of practice. it put kind of put him back he’s seen. that his younger teammates are going. pretty well Oliver asks you and. particularly paddle award.

Indy 500 qualifying speed

Where is Alonso going to end up and how. will this race goes for the two-time f1. world champion. and what could be his last? an attempt at the indy 500. well I mean first of all I hope it’s not. his last attempt at the indy 500 because. he’s such a talent and we’d love to see. him around here for years to come. I think that the practice. crash hurt his qualifying speed. definitely would have broken some of. those extra special parts that you need. to go fast on qualifying but I don’t. think it’s going to affect his race. the performance is very racy. he’s got good toe speeds he knows how to. draft up in these cars we saw that all. through practice week he was at the top. five an awful lot. and so I think that that team and that. drivers are going to be ones to watch in. terms of moving forwards he’s. way further back than he’d like to be in. qualifying but if someone’s going to.

Indy 500 104th running

Show people that passing can happen and. these cars are on this track on Sunday. it’s going to be Fernando Alonso and are. we going to see a genesis honda the. orange and white. car go up that beautiful new lift up. onto the top to get the milk all over it. on Sunday now lee I tell ya there is uh. there’s nothing else in the world I want. more than that and there’s a very. a motivated group of people trying to make. that very thing happens I promise you. good stuff mate good luck I know we’ll. talk to you before then but uh thanks. for your review of the qualifying weekend. and there will be stuff here on. NBC Sports. com all week long in the build. up to the 104th running of the. Indianapolis 500 thanks inch. thanks very much hey motorsports fans. thanks for watching make sure you hit. subscribe before you go for all the. latest news and highlights across. motorsports.

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